Libby Print Pilot

Video: PaperCut MF for Konica Minolta Multifunction Devices (1 minute)

Video: PaperCut MF for Konica Minolta Application Tour (3 minutes)


PaperCut iPad / iPhone (iOS) Printing Demonstration

Tips for going Greener: Ideas to reduce your printing needs

  • Interested in giving copies to others? Don’t give them your print ID, instead share the document with them on Google Drive (so they can print themselves)
  • Want to reduce the number of papers/worksheets for students?  Use Google Classroom to share assignments with students.
  • Taking PLC notes?  Use a shared google document or Shared drive so that all collaborators have visibility (and can see any updates in real-time).
  • Collecting student work that you want to retain/archive? Use the Konica Multi-Function machine (in the front office) to scan student documents and email them to yourself, for storage in Google Drive.  
  • All faculty meeting agendas/notes, calendars, and announcements can be shared online.
  • Still printing flyers to send home in kids backpacks? Use Seesaw, Class Dojo or School Messenger to send notes home.
  • Printing tons of student projects to tape to the wall? What if students uploaded all their exemplary work to their Google Site digital portfolio, and each month you select one item to tape to the wall with their QR code to the Google Site beneath it. Then students/visiting parents could easily scan with iPad or phone and view other students’ work.
  • Printing daily To Do lists? Use Google Keep to create your To Do lists that you can check off as you go.
  • Digital Citizenship lessons are already digitized so students with devices have access to all lessons.
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