About EdTech

EdTech Essentials

Stop using technology for remediation and as a source for digital worksheets.

  • Determine the right blend of teacher and technology.
  • Use technology to improve teacher efficiency, thus increasing time with students.
  • Focus on the Cs: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Citizenship.
  • Support implementation of appropriate frameworks and standards.
  • Pick digital tools that promote interactivity and discovery.
  • Offer students Choice & Voice.
  • Let students create original digital content.
  • Honor students as experts, and let them share their expertise with an authentic audience.
  • Increase flexibility in teaching and learning options – offering personal learning paths, removing boundaries of school bells and walls to interface with global peers and experts, allowing students to follow passions.
EdTech Goal

Our goal is to create experiences which empower all students and prepare them for the ever-changing world. Through technology integration, we strive to ensure all students achieve the Oceanside Promise by gaining essential 21st century skills and graduating from high school ready for college and a career.

Guiding philosophy

Technology can be used as a tool to optimize teaching and learning and enhance educational experiences by giving students choice and voice. Digital technology can help teachers create student-centered and personalized learning experiences while improving teacher efficacy by creating a smooth work flow.

Supporting the Oceanside Promise

To be successful in our daily lives and in a global workforce, Americans need pathways to acquire expertise and form meaningful connections to peers and mentors. This journey begins with a base of knowledge and abilities that can be augmented and enhanced throughout our lives. Fortunately, advances in learning sciences have provided new insights into how people learn. Technology can be a powerful tool to reimagine learning experiences on the basis of those insights.

To remain globally competitive and develop engaged citizens, our schools should weave 21st century competencies and expertise throughout the learning experience. These include the development of critical thinking, complex problem solving, collaboration, and adding multimedia communication into the teaching of traditional academic subjects. In addition, learners should have the opportunity to develop a sense of agency in their learning and the belief that they are capable of succeeding in school.
Future Ready Learning, pp. 7-8

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